Mercury content LED light bulbs do not contain any mercury. Therefore they are extremely safe for you and the environment.

Lifetime LED light bulbs RETLUX last up to 20000 hours, thus the savings are much higher that with the other efficient light sources.

Dimmer icon according to this icon, you can easily determine whether the bulb can be used with an electronic dimmer.

Colour temperature Cold white = cold light colour this LED bulb has light colour 4100 kelvins, which is very close to the light color of the classical Compact Fluorescent Light sources.

Number of switch cycles You can turn on the LED RETLUX light bulb up to 15000 times, thus they are suitable for places where light is often switched on and off.

Quick start LED RETLUX light bulb shines up to 100% almost immediately – in order of microseconds.

Mount icon to make selecting a replacement for your light bulb easier, an icon is included on each box with the mount type.

Ra colour rendering index thanks to the Ra index (CRI) being higher than 80, true colours in the lighting area can be guaranteed at a maximum level.

10 W replacement 60 W
806 lm
E27 detail
7 W replacement 40 W
500 lm
E27 detail
10 W replacement 65 W
806 lm
E27 detail

LED bulbs

LED bulbs have higher acquisition costs than the other lighting sources. Nevertheless, when considering overall costs (including maintenance costs), they are far superior to traditional bulbs and even energy saving compact fluorescent tubes. This is due to the low consumption of LED bulbs and because they have an extremely long service life.

LED bulbs
20 000 hours

Halogen bulbs 8 000 hours
Standard bulbs 1 000 hours

A standard light bulb will work for about 1,000 hours while a compact fluorescent tube will work for 8,000 hours. This is much better but LED technology is superior to both with over 20,000 hours. This, as I am sure you will agree, is an excellent performance.