Mercury content RETLUX halogen bulbs do NOT contain any mercury .

Lifetime Halogen bulbs reach a lifetime of 2 000 hours

Dimmer icon according to this icon, you can easily determine whether the bulb can be used with an electronic dimmer.

Colour temperature warm light = this compact bulb has a colour temperature of 2700 K, which is very close to the light of a standard light bulb that we are used to.

Number of switch cycles a RETLUX halogen bulb can be switched on up to 10 000 times, thus it can be used in areas where lights are turned on and off more frequently.

Mount icon to make selecting a replacement for your light bulb easier, an icon is included on each box with the mount type.

BULB temperature a RETLUX halogen bulb reaches 200°C temperature.Carefully manipulate with bulb that is switched on.

Ra colour rendering index thanks to the Ra index (CRI) being higher than 99, true colours in the lighting area can be guaranteed at a maximum level.

15 W replacement W
90 lm
E14 detail

Halogen bulbs

Compared with traditional bulbs, halogen bulbs have 30% power saving and have a longer service life. Compared with standard bulbs, regular switching on and off does not affect their service life. If you require a good price, choose from the wide range of RETLUX halogen bulbs. Just choose the correct light source. A further advantage of these bulbs is the option to dim on all models.

Halogen bulbs
saving of 30%

Standard bulbs