Compactlight bulbs
Halogen bulbs

Halogen bulbs

Compared with traditional bulbs, halogen bulbs have 30% power saving and have a longer service life. Compared with standard bulbs, regular switching on and off does not affect their service life. If you require a good price, choose from the wide range of RETLUX halogen bulbs. Just choose the correct light source. A further advantage of these bulbs is the option to dim on all models.

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LEDlight bulbs
LED light bulbs

LED light bulbs

Are you interested in new technologies and want to save up to 90% of energy on lighting? RETLUX LED lights will guarantee the maximum saving and the longest lifetime. It lights up within a few microseconds and immediately it offers 100% of light.
Just choose the right source of light.

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LED lighting

LED lighting

Here we would like to offer you other products using LED components, which thanks to new technology will guarantee the maximum saving and the longest lifetime,  what is most important you will save up to 90% of energy on lighting.

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REL 40

REL 40 LED bulb

7 W

7 W replacement 42 W
Luminosity: 500 lm
Socket: GU5.3

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RHL 203 (2×)

RHL 203 (2×) ECO Halogen bulbs C35

42 W

42 W replacement 55 W
Luminosity: 630 lm
Socket: E14

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RHL 208

RHL 208 ECO Halogen bulbs R63

42 W

42 W replacement 60 W
Luminosity: 960 lm
Socket: E27

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  • REL 40
  • RHL 203 (2×)
  • RHL 208

Why Retlux?

1The production of all light sources use the newest technologies, quality materials and our products undergo demanding tests.

2With RETLUX light sources you can save up to 90% of your costs on illumination, which cannot neglected considering the constantly increasing energy rates.

3In our assortment you will find the usual shapes and mount, making the replacement of existing light bulbs very simple.

4Ecology is a top priority for the development and production of RETLUX light sources. All materials can be easily recycled.

42 W

replacement 55 W
630 lm

120 W

replacement 156 W
2250 lm

42 W

replacement 60 W
960 lm